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Quotes to Bob on Location

"You're not from Chicago"
Kevin Costner
" $10 will near pay for a Hog"
Jane Fonda
"Their gonna turn this Picture into Guitar Picks"
Gene Hackman
"Come on Swan... the SUN's goin' dooown, lad."
Sean Connery

"James Dean never made more than $17,000 a Picture.. whata ya think of that"
Dennis Hopper

by a reservoir in central Illinois   After taxes and the union admission fees there wasn’t enough left for a room. There was always a German shepherd waiting to chase me at the bottom of the last hill as I rode the seven miles home at night on my bike. Summer stock among the cornstalks led eventually to a trip to Broadway as one of four original members of Goodman Theater’s original cast of Freedom of the City. Not long after, yearning for larger roles, I produced a production of The Lesson by Ionesco at the Orphans Pub on the near north side, creating along with it a new kind of contract allowing Equity actors to perform in new spaces called the COLT contract, which helped give rise to a bunch of   theater groups, including a new outfit called Steppenwolf. The play, which featured Barbara Gaines as the Student and Mike Nussbaum in his directorial debut, was, by itself, nominated for more Jefferson awards than all the productions at Goodman that year. Mike and I also acted together in Northlight’s inaugural production of Jumpers, directed by Frank Galati. Other pleasures: holding Gregory Mosher at the end of a rope as Lucky to my Pozzo in Waiting for Godot at Court Theater’s first professional production, and the sheer joy of playing Wiseman in Jules Pfeiffer’s Knock, Knock.