ROBERT   SWAN ,  Bass               Anthony George, Mgmt. 212-580-1306

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Don Giovanni                              Commendatore                                    Wichita Grand Opera
The Abduction from the Seraglio     Osmin                                                     Skylight Opera 

Verdi Requiem                                     Bass soloist                                         Elgin (IL) Symphony
Mozart Magic Flute                               Speaker                                                 Hawaii Opera
Mendelssohn Elijah                            Octet                                                       Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Barber of Seville                                  Bartolo                                                    L’Opera Piccola, Chicago
Verdi Rigoletto                                     Sparafucile                                            L’Opera Piccola, Chicago
Britten Billy Budd                                 Dansker (Understudy)                        Lyric Opera of Chicago
Weill Street Scenes                             City Marshal; Kaplan (US)                  Lyric Opera of Chicago
Mozart Magic Flute                               Sarastro                                                DuPage Opera Co. (IL)
Bizet Carmen                                       Zuniga                                                    Opera Co. of North Carolina
Beethoven Fidelio                               Rocco                                                     DuPage Opera Co. (IL)
Handel Samson                                  Bass soloist (Manoah)                       Downers Grove (IL) Choral Soc.
Handel Messiah                                   Bass soloist                                         Rockefeller Chapel, U of Chicago
Verdi Requiem                                     Bass soloist                                         Evanston Symphony
The Mikado                                           Mikado                                                   Light Opera Works, Chicago
Barber of Seville                                  Basilio                                                   Opera Augusta (Georgia)
Mozart Magic Flute                               Speaker, Armed Man, Priest             Opera Co. of North Carolina
Mozart Magic Flute                               Sarastro                                                Opera Shop, Los Angeles
Haydn  Mass in C and                         Bass Soloist                                         Chamber Orch. of the Triangle
Beethoven Cantata Death of Franz Joseph                                                   Raleigh, NC         
Dialogue of the Carmelites
               Marquis                                                  Opera Illinois
Jacques Brel                                        First Man                                                Academy Theater, Lake Forest
1776                                                       Rutledge                                               Little Theater on the Square
Captain Cook's Diary                          Captain Cook                                       Contemporary Chamber Players
Three Penny Opera                             Tiger Brown                                          Court Theater, Chicago
Fiddler on the Roof                             Lazar Wolf                                              Little Theater on the Square


TRAINING      Voice                      Thomas Wikman, David Morgan

Languages           Lola Rand, Gianna Panofska

Coaching              Daniel Beckwith, Richard Boldrey, Eric Weimer, Sherrill Milnes, Mark Robson


THEATER                                                                   Bret Adams, Agent: 212-765-5630

Freedom of the City                             Balladeer                                              Alvin Theater (Broadway)

The Lesson                                          Professor*                                            Orphans Theater

Jumpers                                                Bones                                                    Northlight Repertory

Buried Child                                         Tilden* (Jeff Award Nom)                   Northlight Repertory

Knock, Knock                                       Wiseman*                                             Northlight Repertory

Who they are and How it is with Them        Big Bob                                     Northlight Repertory

The Tempest                                        Prospero                                               Illinois Shakespeare

Richard III                                              Hastings                                               Shakespeare Rep (Chicago)

Camelot                                                King Pellinore                                       Light Opera Works

Angel City                                              Fixer                                                        Body Politic

Little Mary Sunshine                           Uncle Oscar                                          Tin Tree

Henry IV                                                 Westmoreland                                     Goodman Theater

Chemin De Fer                                    Police Captain                                     Goodman Theater

Tooth of Crime                                     Referee                                                 Goodman Theater

Fiorello                                                  CardPlayer                                            Academy Theater, Lake Forest

Unsinkable Molly Brown                    Bartender (w/Barbara Rush)             Little Theatre on the Square

Anything Goes                                      Captain                                                 Little Theatre on the Square

Fiddler on the Roof                             Lazar Wolf w/Shelly Berman             Little Theatre on the Square

The Music Man                                     Barbershop Quartet                           Little Theatre on the Square

Showboat                                              w/Mickey Rooney                                Tour (Washington, Philadelphia

1776                                                       McKean                                                 Candlelignt Dinner  Theater

See How They Run                             Police Captain w/Mickey Rooney     Drury Lane Theater

                                Catch Me if you Can                            w/ Broderick Crawford                        Drury Lane Theater

Twelfth Night                                        Sir Andrew Aguecheek                       Court Theater

Waiting for Godot                                 Pozzo                                                     Court Theater

Under Milkwood                                   Ensemble                                             Court Theater

All Over                                                  as the Son                                             Court Theater

Ubu Roi                                                 Entire Polish Army                               Court Theater


FILM and TELEVISION                                                   Bret Adams, Agent: 212-765-5630


Natural Born Killers                            Universal                                               Oliver Stone, Director

Amico d’infanzia                              Due A Productions                              Pupi Avati, Director

Backdraft                                               Imagine Films, Universal                  Ron  Howard, Director

Rudy                                                       Orion                                                      David Anspaugh, Director

The Babe                                              Twentieth Century Fox                         Arthur Hiller, Director

Betrayed                                                United Artists                                        Costa-Gavras, DIrector

The Untouchables                              Paramount                                            Brian DePalma, Director

Who's That Girl                                    Warner Brothers                                  James Foley, DIrector

Hoosiers                                               Orion                                                      David Anspaugh, Director

That was Then.. This is Now            Smitty                                                     Christopher Cain, Director

Grandview USA                                    Fire Chief                                              Randal Kleiser, Director

Doctor Detroit                                       Seedy Biker                                          Michael Pressman, Director

Take This Job and Shove It               Virgil                                                       Gus Trikonis, Director

Somewhere in Time                           Stagehand                                            Jeannot Szwarc, Director

Going All The Way                               Luke Mathews                                      Mark Pennington, Director



Missing Persons                                Series Regular                                    Gary Sherman, ABC/Cannell

Miss Marple, A Caribbean Mystery   Starring                                                  BBC Productions

Twilight Zone                                        Guest Star                                             William Friedkin, CBS

The Dollmaker                                     Starring                                                  Dan Petrie, Finnegan Prod's

Stingray                                                 Guest Star                                             Larry Shaw NBC/Cannell

Wildside                                                Hayes                                                    Harvey S. Laidman, Director

Walking Tall                                          Featured Guest                                    NBC

The Duke                                              Guest star w/Robert Conrad)            NBC

Sheriff Lobo                                          Guest Star                                             NBC

T.J. Hooker                                           Guest Star w/William Shatner           CBS

Heart of Steel                                       Starring                                                  Donald Wrye, Beowulf Prod's

The Equalizer                                       Guest Star                                             CBS

Spenser for Hire                                  Guest Star                                             ABC

All My Children                                     Contract                                                 ABC



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