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Robert Swan

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Film and Television Demos Download Windows Media Player for Best Viewing
  click to view.  Media will open in your default player, wait for complete buffering for continuous play. 
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Hoosiers  0:58     3.4 MB  WMV

The Untouchables   0:58     3.5 MB  WMV

Who's That Girl  0:58     2.5 MB  WMV

Missing Persons  0:50     3 MB  WMV

Going All The Way  2:35    9.2 MB  WMV

Miss Marple  2:17     8.1 MB  WMV

The Doll Maker   2:02     7.3 MB  WMV

Betrayed   0:33   1.9 MB  WMV

Spenser: For Hire   1:09     4.2 MB   WMV

Twlight Zone 6:30     23.2MB wmv Mo' Money   1:05     3.9 MB  WMV The Equalizer    1:22    4.8 MB   WMV
Heart of Steel  1:17   4.5 MB   WMV