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Robert Swan

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Bob's Adventure in Real Estate development is his newest endeavor .

click below for movies of his Grand Beach Michigan Project and Swans Way.

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framed by two dead-end roads, listening distance from Lake  Michigan, kept by the same family for a hundred years. Leveraging everything I owned, with the guidance of my buddy Mukluk, who had helped me find the land in the first place, I fashioned a small development centered around a nature preserve called, playfully, Swan’s Way.

Mukluk and I worked hard to keep some of the original sense of mystery that defined this forest, against the dire predictions of those wiser and more experienced than ourselves that this project was doomed to failure because the land was too low. Once a few lots were cleared and a couple of roads wound through, the land dried out just fine, and our little site became the most sought after location in the area.

 I had originally planned to build all the houses myself, but I was too deeply invested.  I went so far as to fly in an architect from the Boston area, the firm of O’neill&Pennoyer, who had a design that I loved, but, for the moment, it was not to be. Once it became fashionable, Swan’s Way sold quickly, and I was soon fresh out of land to build on.

A couple of years after Swan’s Way closed out, Larry Frankel, chief partner in Grand Beach development, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and so the dream house destined for Swan’s Way found a home in Grand Beach.  The house was completed in 2003, and closed January 15 2004.

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Swans Way Property   :23   1.5 MB  .wmv
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