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Robert Swan

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Bob has been a leading player in the voice industry for years. Check the links to VO, Narration and Film Trailers.

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I S   R E A L   G O O D   6:19   5.9 MB   mp3

The Domino Principle was driven out of town by our late  lamented mayor, who didn’t trust those Hollywood types. .With the timely passing of “da” mayor, movie production began to take root in Chicago, giving me the opportunity of beginning my film career by beating up Christopher Reeve in Somewhere in Time. As the reputation of Chicago ’s actors increased, helped along by Steppenwolf’s success on Broadway, the opportunities got better, bringing with them guest starring and starring appearances, and East and West coast agents.  At the same time commercial voice-over work in Chicago was in its heyday, with so much work, and so few actors willing to lower themselves to blatant commercialization. Now, of  course, everyone is quite willing.

Robert Swan brings a curiously STRONG approach to Voice Overs.  

Orson Welles   4:12   3.9 MB   mp3

"COLONEL" Harlan Sanders...KFC  1:55  1.4MB   mp3